Weaning Workshop

Our  weaning  workshop  is  delivered  by  Kim  an  experienced  Nurse  and  Health  Visitor.  Kim  uses  the  most  up  to  date  information and  recommendations  to  help  prepare  you  for  your  weaning  journey.  The  course  starts  by  looking  at  the  current  recommednations from  sources  such  as  the  Department of  Health  and  the  World  Health  Organisation  and  the  evidence  base  behind  these.  You  will  explore  different  approaches  to  weaning  such  as  baby  led  weaning  and  pureed  foods.  Whilst  looking  at  some  practical  tips  for  healthy  and  exciting  foods  to  share  as  a  family  involving  everyone  in  the  process.  The  course  also  deals  with  what  to  do  in  a  choking  incident  in  a  reassuring  yet  informative  manner.  We  can  also  cover  meeting  nurtitional  needs  whilst  meeting  dietary  requirements  including  allergies,  intolerances and  dietary  choices  such  as  a  vegetarian  or  vegan  diet  by  request.


What to Expect

The  workshop  runs  for  approximately  2  hours,  with  refreshments  provided  throughout.  Workshops  are  run  in  small  groups  to  ensure  that  you  get  the  most  out  of  your  day.  Allowing  time  for  questions and  interaction.

The  aim  of  this  workshop  is  to  give  you  evidenced  based  information  and  recommendations  to  help  you  make  informed  decisions  about  how  to  start  your  weaning  journey.  Having  this  information  can  help  you  to  feel  more  prepared  and  confident.  Allowing  you  to  enjoy  this   landmark  event.  

There will also be an opportunity for your baby to be weighed and measured with completion of their red book and bespoke advice in relation to this.

Whats Covered


  • Current recommendations 
  • Different weaning approaches
  • Choking with First Aid demonstration
  • Practical tips
  • Menu ideas
  • Allergies & dietary requirements on request

Workshop Details

The  workshop  costs  £25,  this  price  is  inclusive  of  refreshments  provided

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