20 Minute Initial Consultation

Exclusively at Bumpkins York

You  can  visit  us  at  a  time  that  is  convenient  for  you,  this  includes  weekends.  This  service  is  provided  exclusively  at  Bumpkins  York.  We  can  provide  a  wide  range  of  initial  support  and  advice  including   but  not  limited  to:

  • Feeding  
  • Colic
  • Sleep
  • General  care  of  baby
  • Baby’s  development
  • Toilet  training
  • How  your  feeling
  • Review  of  baby’s  growth


Consultation Costs

All  initial  consultations  are  priced  at  £25  for  a  20-minute  consultation.  The  aim  of  this  consultation  is  to  provide  you  with  brief  initial  support.  Included  in  this  price  is  full  measurement‘s  of  baby  including  weight,  length  and  head  circumference if  requested  along  with  completion  of  your  red  book  if  required.

Exclusively at Bumpkins York





Bumpkins York

Bumpkins York provide luxury gender & 4D baby scans from their beautiful converted barn on the outskirts of York. They also have an onsite boutique stocking hand selected products and a service providing exclusive trimester and luxury gift boxes. To find out more click below.

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