Home Visit

We  can  visit  you  in  the  comfort  of  your  own  home  at  a  time  that  is  convenient  for  you,  this  includes  weekends.  We  can  provide  a  wide  range  of  support  and  advice  including  but  not  limited  to:

  • Feeding
  • Colic
  • Sleep
  • General  care  of  baby
  • Development  review
  • Toilet  training
  • How  your  feeling
  • Review  of  baby’s  growth


Details of visit

All home  visits  are  priced  at  £100  for  a  1  hour  consultation.  This  price  is  inclusive  of  a  written  overview  of the  consultation  including  a  working  plan  if   relevant  to  your  needs.  This  will  be  forwarded  to  you  via  your  chosen  method  following  the  consultation.  It  also  includes  completion  of  red  book  if  required  and  referral  to  other  specialised  independent  services  as  agreed.  Mileage  is  included  within  the  price  unless  otherwise  specified  at  the  booking  of  your  appointment.  Extra  time  will  be  charged  at  £25 per  each  additional  hour.

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