Feeding Support

Whatever your feeding journey may be

At  SeBeau  Health  visiting  we  strongly  feel  that  our  role  is  to  support  you  with  the  choices  that  are  right  for  you,  this  includes  the  way  you  choose  to  feed  your  baby.  

As  an  experienced  Health  Visitor  and  FEDANT  registered  Breastfeeding  Counsellor   Kim  is  able  to  support  your  breastfeeding  journey.  With  both  professional  and  personal  experience  of  breastfeeding  Kim  can  provide  you  with  advice  and understanding  of  the  physiology  of  breastfeeding  to  help  your  journey.  She  is  also  able  to  refer  you  to  more  specialised  Independent  services  should  this  be  necessary,  for  example  if  your  baby  needs  treatment  for  tongue  tie.

Breastfeeding support

Breastfeeding support

Bottle feeding

Kim is equally able to support your bottle  feeding journey, whether you decide to do this exclusively or in combination with breastfeeding.  Kim  can  provide  support,  knowledge  of  current  recommendations  and  practical  advice  to  support  you  with  your  feeding  journey.  Again  Kim  is  able  to  refer  you  to  more  specialised  Independent services  should  this  be  necessary,  for  example  if  your  baby  needs  treatment  for  tongue  tie.

Methods of support

All of our sessions include full measurement’s of baby including weight, length and head circumference along with completion of your red book if required.

  • Home Visit-£100 for the first hour of a visit, extra time charged at £25 per hour (Initial visit expected to last 1-2 hours)
  • 1 Hour appointment at one of our approved centers- £80
  • 1 Hour Virtual appointment- £70
  • 20 Minute Initial consultation exclusively provided at Bumpkins York- £25

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