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We offer a wide range of courses and individual services to both families and organisations. With everything provided by a qualified Health Professional

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Why choose an Independent Health Visitor?

This  is  a  question  I  get  asked  a  lot,  and  this  has  become  my  go  to  answer:

All families are offered a Health Visiting Service from either the NHS or their local Authority. However increasingly families are finding that these reduced services are not meeting their individual needs. We're here to support you throughout your parenting journey. We aim to offer a bespoke and individualised service to each family from pregnancy to babies first steps and beyond.  So  if  you  feel  supported  by  your  current  Health  Visiting  service  then  you  probably  don’t  need  to  contact  an  Independent Health  Visitor.  However,  if  you  feel  that  you  would  benefit  from  a  more  personalised  service  that  not  only  works  evenings  and  weekends  but  is  there  whenever  you  need  them to  be.  Also  guaranteeing you  see the  same Qualified   Health  Visitor  if  you  use  the  service  more  than  once,  then Independent  Health  Visiting may  be  the  service  for  you.

We are passionate that our role is to provide you with the evidence based information and support that you need to empower you in making informed decisions that are right for your family. We are not here to either tell you what to do or to try and make your family fit into a one size fits all recommendation. Each family is different and therefore so are their needs and solutions, we work alongside you to find the right solutions for your family.

With  a  unique  Antenatal  Course  designed  to  ensure  that  you  are  as  equally  prepared  for  caring  for  your  baby  after  birth  as  you  are  for  the labour.  As  well  as   Family  First  Aid  Courses  and  Weaning  Workshops  alongside  our  Surgery  Consultations  and  Home  Visits.  We  are  confident  in  the  quality  of  the  services  we  provide.  Our  Health  Visitors  are  all   qualified  and  registered  Health  Professionals  with  many  years  of  experience  providing  services  in  the  NHS  and  Private  Sectors.


Training within Organisations

As  Specialist  Community  Public  Health  Nurses  (Health  Visitors)  our  unique  training  and  professional  experience  lend  itself  perfectly  to  providing health  based  education  and  training  within  organisations.  We  provide  accredited  and  nationally  recognised  training courses  and  consultancy  services  to  organisations.  Offering  services  throughout  York,  North  Yorkshire,  East  Riding  and  Leeds.

We  are  particularly  proud  of  our  First  Aid  training  for  children  within  schools.  This  important  addition  to  the  school  curriculum  has  the  potential  to  save  countless  lives,  please  see  our  Mini  Medics  section  for  more  details.

We  are  able  to  deliver Ofqual  regulated  First  Aid  training,  Anaphylaxis  training,  Mental  Health  First  Aid  and  Safeguarding  Level  3  training.  As  well  as  BLS  training  for  Health  Professionals  meeting  CPD  requirements, please  see  our  training  section  for  more  details. 

Our Most Popular Courses


Caring for your baby

Caring for your baby

Caring for your baby

Our unique antenatal course, which prepares you for those early weeks and months with baby.


Family First Aid

Caring for your baby

Caring for your baby

Our 2 hour course provides you with knowledge and confidence to effectively manage emergency situations within your family.


Mini Medics

Caring for your baby

Mini Medics

Our Mini Medics course is aimed at children aged 8-11 years. Perfect for Primary Schools and Children's clubs.


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 Hi my name is Kim Brown and I started SeBeau Health Visiting so that I could offer a private, individualised alternative to the current NHS service. I am a Specialist Nurse and proud Mum. I started my career as a Mental Health Nurse and have worked in a variety of specialist areas in both Cheshire and North Yorkshire. I then chose to embark upon a Leadership and Management qualification and spent some time in a management position within the private care sector. Although I enjoyed the challenges that this role bought I missed being involved in direct patient care and so went on to complete a qualification in Specialist Community Public Health Nursing and became a Health Visitor. Whilst practising as an NHS Health Visitor I have worked in a variety of areas throughout North Yorkshire including Selby District, Ryedale and Scarborough. During this time I became increasingly frustrated at the continued reduction in the service that we were able to provide to families. I concluded that the only way to escape the limitations of the current NHS service would be to work independently. Enabling me to provide a service tailor made to each individual family. 

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